Meet Andrzej Zawadzki - the construction industry expert at Fieldly!

Linnéa Ivarsson

He knows pretty much all you need to know about the construction industry, is a highly appreciated part of the Product Definition Team and works everyday to make sure that the Fieldly system constantly improves. Meet Andrzej Zawadzki - Fieldly’s very own (top notch) construction industry expert!

The hassle of administration lead to Fieldly

With a Master of Science in Construction Engineering from Bialystok University of Technology, Andrzej started his career in the construction service industry. Starting out as a trainee, then becoming a site engineer and later working as a manager, Andrzej gained tons of experience from companies all around Europe, working with several well known construction projects. One of them was the construction of the National Stadium in Warsaw 2010, which was the biggest building site in Poland at the time.

But during the years Andrzej’s spent within the construction industry he also got to experience one of the big down sides of the industry; the hassle of administration within every single project - creating reports, invoices and quotes in old, outdated systems that made the workdays inefficient, difficult and unnecessarily time consuming. And as a matter of fact, this hassle is what led Andrzej to Fieldly. The thought that there must be a way to create a tool which could facilitate the daily work of construction companies made him come across Fieldly, and when speaking to a friend working at the company he decided to join the team working for the future of construction  - a decision he is very happy with today.

“I’m really glad to be a part of team Fieldly, and the fact that i can use my practical experience from the construction industry to make our product better and better every day. The team is really dedicated and the atmosphere and working culture is great - we support each other and have time for each other. Working here is a real pleasure!”

Working for improvement, every day

At Fieldly, Andrzej is an important part of the Product Definition Team - the team responsible for the design, look and feel of the Fieldly system. On a daily basis, Andrzej and the rest of the team writes so-called user stories - general explanations of different software features based on the perspective of the end users - which then works as instructions for the development team.

Simply put, Andrzej’s job is to make sure the Fieldly system constantly improves, by adding new features and enhancing existing ones, with a constant construction perspective in mind - and that he’s really good at what he’s doing stands without a doubt. Sven Paulin, founder and CMO at Fieldly describes Andrzej as a highly appreciated colleague with a magic skill to solve complex problems.

“Andrzej is the guy everyone likes to work with. He’s really good at catching the needs from both our users and the Customer Success and Sales team, and to pinpoint the essentials in the issues and figure out smart ways to solve them is definitely a magic skill of his.”

Invaluable asset and highly appreciated team member

With tons of experience from the construction industry, a magical skill to solve complex problems and a great aptitude for teamwork, Andrzej surely is an invaluable asset and a highly appreciated part of Team Fieldly -  and we are so glad to have him onboard!

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