Meet Grzegorz - the mobile developer passionate about helping Fieldly users to a better everyday life!

Linnéa Ivarsson

He’s been a part of the Fieldly journey since 2016, is a real blockchain enthusiast and a true tech expert. Moreover, this guy definitely takes the price as the sportiest member of the team - using endurance sports as a counterweight to his tech centered world, competing in both ultra mountain runs and long-distance triathlons such as Ironman. Meet Grzegorz Sawczuk - the mobile developer passionate about helping Fieldly users all around the world to a better everyday life!

Tech enthusiast by heart

Ever since Grzegors was a child, electronics and technology have been his main interests in life. Letting these hobbies guide the path, Grzegorz ended up studying at the Wrocław University of Technology, graduating with a Master in Science and Engineering from the faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. Since then, Grzegorz has gathered nearly 20 years of experience working with projects from the border of embedded systems, mobile applications and blockchain-based solutions, working at companies such as Motorola and Good. To state the obvious - Grzegorz is quite the tech expert!

So, what led Grzegorz to Fieldly? Simply put - the willingness to work in an exciting project close to the end user. Having experience providing civil engineering solutions, he knew that the construction industry offered many fascinating horizons and challenges, and when he heard about Fieldly he got curious, and reached out to the company. After only one conversation with some of the team members of Fieldly, Grzegorz immediately felt that he wanted to be a part of the team - and the rest is history.

Helping Fieldly users to a better everyday life

Today, almost five years later, Grzegorz is an important part of the Mobile Development Team, which is the team making sure that Fieldly meets the expectations of the users - both in terms of  functionality and convenience. On a daily basis, Grzegorz deals with the ongoing maintenance and development of the mobile application, mostly focusing on the Android-app. Working with tasks ranging from improving the stability of the application, dealing with emerging problems and implementing new functionalities defined by the PDT Team, Grzegorz really gets to help our users to a better everyday life - something that motivates and drives him every day.

“The fact that my work makes other people’s daily lives more comfortable and saves them time and money is a great feeling that motivates me every day.”

And that Grzegorz is a highly valued colleague and team member is clear. Tomasz Wojtkowiak, team leader of the Mobile Development Team describes Grzegorz as a great colleague and excellent programmer - but also an impressive athlete.

Grzegorz is not only a great colleague and excellent Android programmer, but also a superb athlete. He is Fieldly’s very own Ironman, he does triathlon and every day spend a lot of time doing exercises to build better condition and improve skill in his favorite sport.

A brilliant product and a great team

As one of Team Fieldly’s earliest members, Grzegorz knows pretty much all there is to know about Fieldly, a company he sees in very bright colors. And the one best thing, according to Grzegorz, it’s the fact that Fieldly offers a brilliant product and the chance to work with a great team of friendly and open minded people.

“As a part of Fieldly, you are surrounded by a great mix of people who are experts in their fields, have open minds and a constant desire to develop and improve what they are working on. Such a mix of personality and skills results in a brilliant product, a smile on the faces of those working here and the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.”

We couldn't agree more - Fieldly truly is a place of great people and brilliant minds, and we are so happy to have Grzegorz in our team. He is a highly appreciated colleague,  and we look forward to continuing the very exciting journey towards the future of construction together!

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