September 8, 2020

Meet Łukasz - the bug hunter of Fieldly!

Linnéa Ivarsson

With a master in science in engineering from Warsaw University of Technology and great experience from the telecom industry and companies like Orange and Samsung, Łukasz is quite a technical guy. Today, he is head of the Quality Assurance team at Fieldly, the team that makes sure that the product runs smoothly and meets the customers requirements. Meet Łukasz - the excellent bug hunter of Fieldly!

Fieldly - a fun challenge

When Łukasz, after 6 years in the telecom industry, was eager to take the next step in his career and learn about new industries, he found Fieldly - and immediately thought that it would be fun to work within the construction industry.

“When I found Fieldly I had no experience within the construction industry, and thought it would be interesting to work within an industry that generally isn’t very into tech and digitalisation... It seemed like a really fun challenge!”

Professional bug hunter and future pilot

Said and done, Łukasz applied for the role as a QA-engineer and got the job. Back then, he was the only one at the company working with the overall quality assurance of the product. Today, a few years later, Łukasz is responsible for the entire QA team - the team that works hard to make sure that Fieldly runs smoothly and doesn’t have any bugs and crashes. To put it simply,  Łukasz is the guy who ensures that Fieldly works as it’s designed and that the design fits the users requirements - which includes a lot of bug hunting, testing and connecting different teams.

“QA means a lot of discussions with the development team, the product team and the customer support team, to make the product better each day. A typical day includes testing the product, hunting down potential bugs in the product and helping the dev team to fix the bugs.”

When not hunting bugs or testing new features, Łukasz likes to travel and explore the culture of France, where he lives with his wife since three years back. Another, rather unusual interest of his is aviation, and one day he would like to fly small airplanes himself. And who knows - some day Łukasz might take the entire team Fieldly out for a flight?

3 years at Fieldly

Time Flies, and in December Łukasz celebrates 3 years at Fieldly - 3 years of stimulating and rewarding work with a great group of people.

“At Fieldly, we put humans first and customers first. We are a group of open minded and really nice people, which makes it a lot of fun to work here. Fieldly is simply a really, really nice company to work at!”

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