November 16, 2020

Meet Marcin - the tech enthusiast who always strives for improvement!

Linnéa Ivarsson

He lives in the beautiful city of Cracow, loves to spend time in nature, learn new things and challenge himself. As a backend developer at Fieldly he makes sure that the web application runs smoothly and works flawlessly for all Fieldly users around the world. Meet Marcin Urban, the excellent tech enthusiast who always strives for improvement!

Tech enthusiast with a great interest in psychology

With a Master’s degree in Computer Science from AGH University of Science and Technology, Marcin Urban is quite a tech enthusiast, with a great interest in tech and psychology - two areas that form the perfect match when working with user based software. After his graduation, Marcin worked at several software companies, such as Copper Cloud and Paladin Software - which gave him great experience and knowledge within software and backend development. Knowledge that would later turn out to be of great benefit on his path to Fieldly.

The search for new challenges led to Fieldly

After four years within the tech industry, working mainly within web applications development in ruby and rails technology, Marcin was eager to challenge himself and apply his knowledge within a new sector. After some searching he found Fieldly - a company that caught his interest and seemed like a great place to develop and learn more about the tech industry.

“Since I was looking for a new challenge, Fieldly seemed like the perfect fit for me. The construction industry is a quite challenging domain to work within, and therefore it felt like a great place to apply my knowledge and develop my great interest in tech.”

Web application developer and workflow optimiser

Three years later, Marcin is a crucial part of the backend team, which is the team behind the development of the web application. On a daily basis, Marcin implements new functionalities, fixes bugs issued by the quality assurance team and makes sure the web application runs as smooth as possible for all Fieldly users around the world. In addition to this, Marcin also works to constantly improve and develop the workflow of the team. Simply put, Marcin is a great developer, and his close colleague Magda Malinowska describes him as a much appreciated team member that everyone loves to work with.

“Marcin is the kind of person everybody loves to work with. The combination of his analytical mind, well organized way of working and strong communication skills makes him not only a great developer, but also makes cooperation with him very effective - leading to results much better than each of us would get while working alone.”

The best thing about Fieldly

After more than three years in the team, Marcin knows all about Fieldly - a company he describes as a great place to work, challenge yourself and develop your skill set.

“Fieldly is a great workplace where you learn a lot and really get to challenge yourself and develop your skill set. Since I started working here, I have learned a ton and met so many great people. The best thing about Fieldly really is the people, and the great atmosphere!”

Big asset in the Fieldly family

It is easy to say that Marcin is a guy to count on, through thick and thin. With his great expertise in backend development and his admirable attitude of constantly improving, he is a big asset in the backend team - and we are so glad to have him as a part of the Fieldly family!

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